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The Beauty of Batik Motif

1138346pThe beauty of batik motif is very charming. Strokes in natural colors that make up the typical pattern of this archipelago has its own allure.

As a product of culture, the beauty of batik patterns now can be applied in a variety of mediums. Initially, the beauty of batik was only enjoyed by just a piece of cloth. However, since the early 1990s, the application of batik expand fast enough so that its beauty can be applied to a variety of materials such as wood, ceramics, glass, and so on.

The development and application technique of batik is also then becomes a breakthrough in interior decoration. Many born batik interior products ranging from display or knick-knacks, cutlery, or wood paneling.

For textile products, batik is also previously used as other disposable items for interior decoration such as a wall decoration, room divider, pillowcases, and tablecloths. But along with the support of technology, its applications are increasingly widespread.

With its beauty, batik elements can indeed be a charming interior decor for the presented in the house. Through proper placement, batik motifs can provide ‘color’ in a space.

Batik flexible enough to be applied in interior design, both contemporary and traditional. Batik is not only matching the interior of the house like a house of traditional Java, where elements of the dominant wood carvings and used. But it can also be combined with any model of the house of origin adapted to the material used and the processing.

Application of touch in the interior of the house batik not only provides refreshment, but also will bring ethnic impression. For starters, try to use batik hangwall contemporary or traditional bedrooms. Then coherent match with pillowcases, sheets, and other displays in your bedroom. Then feel the difference ..!

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