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Retro Style For Your Children

0817056pLet your child’s imagination wander with retro-style fun and cheerful.

Retro comes from the Latin meaning or the setback in the past period, as a movement toward the past, not to the future. In this fashion, retro is used to describe a fashion trend that has passed, but made triumphant return.

Based on these definitions, retro associated with a unique character and hit the trend. This style suited for people who have a high and unique imagination, do not want to reconcile with others. Generally, retro favored by those who open personality and loved to socialize. Therefore, the use of retro style in the room will encourage your child’s character formation.

Colorful bright cheery retro identical. Bright colors like red, pink, yellow, and orange dominate every work of retro art. In interior design, retro style enlivened by the use of decorative forms such as geometric shapes made of or lined striped colorful.

For a child’s room, simply apply a light retro style and gentle so as not to disturb his sleeping time. Pink color can be combined with a soft white to avoid excessive energy terpancarnya of color. Parquet floors are used to warm the atmosphere. So far nothing special about the child’s room design.

Retro characters come up with a decorative drawing great circles on the wall. Black circles are not only used as decoration, but also made a three-dimensional shelf. Finally, strengthened by placing a bright red covers with a circle motif to support the motive of the wall.

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