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Compact Dining Room

dining roomThe dining room appeared compact and harmonious with the pantry in the back.  Selection bright colors make small spaces become more extensive.

Dining room take a position in the middle of the L-shaped pantry The existence of the dining room ceiling is marked by drop ceiling and the game hanging lamp. Center of the room and is clearly visible marker laying the dinner table.

In accordance with the number of the owner family members, this dining room is designed to accommodate the needs of four people. In order to the dining room and pantry are not memorable narrow, using furniture is a light impression.

Dining chairs is selected from a white plastic chair with legs of stainless steel. For the selected table from the glass surface. A transparent glass material makes the table doesn’t seem heavy and filled the space.

In the area of the wall that the focus of the dining room, built in panels made of glass mirror. Glass mirror is actually a full-sized module 150cmx 270cm. With the technique invented the V-grooves cut in the form of lines that form modules irregular glass.

For refrigerator storage and drinking water dispensers, made a special place in the closet pantry kitchen set. The position is made, so that the front flat surface of the cabinet. Such surface to form dining room to look tidy.

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