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Tips For Using Water at Home

162153pConserve water is a wise step and very meaningful to conservation and environmental balance. There are several easy ways you can do at home to save the source of this life.

In Bathroom
– Turn off the tap while brushing his teeth. Leaving the tap open 1 minute tantamount to letting 9 liters of water wasted.
– If possible, take a bath with shower. Bathroom with a bailer to spend 3 times more water than a bath with shower.
– Immediately fix a leaky faucet. Leaky faucet can waste water up to 13 liters of water per day.

In the House
– Use a toilet flushing system using two of water. Each flushing system works in accordance with the volume of water released. If the toilet is used only for urination, use the rinse with a small volume.
– Choose a washing machine that only needs a little water.

Outside in the Garden and Home
– Use the washing water used for vegetable and fruit plants. In addition to saving, water used washing vegetables, fruits and meats it can nourish plants.
– If possible, avoid using hose. Use a watering can or bucket to wash the car.
Splash the plants in the evening or early morning so that water easily soak into the roots. Watering during the day only makes the water evaporate in vain

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