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Using Safety Climbing Ladder

0822309pAccidents often occur when people use the ladder because the ladder either obsolete or holder is not solid.  With the right use and store in the right place, it could have been prevented.

In English, ladder is different from the stair, although both have meaning ladder.  Both serve as a vertical transport medium, but the usage is different. Ladder used as construction equipment or building improvements that nature is only temporary and move.  Meanwhile, stair permanent and permanent location.

Actually ladder, or the so-called ladder, needed by every household. Sometimes this step is not considered necessary so that people easily borrow neighbors. Yet, when needed, quite “busy” to take it from neighboring warehouse.

Material and Storage
Climb the ladder used to reach items such as replacing high-lights the dead, repair the wall finishing, and cleaning the walls and ceiling. There’s a ladder made of wood or bamboo, there is also that of aluminum. Staircase made of wood has a mother-sized wooden stairs from the block (6 cm x 12 cm) and stairs (ground) of the wood rafters size (5 cm x 7 cm).

Between mothers with stairs of wood and bamboo, there is a connection form of notch and nails. If not careful, so keep the heat and the rain struck, the age of wood or bamboo ladder will not be long. Indentation will shrink and the steps are not connected strongly with the mother stairs. Quickly, the stairs will become obsolete and its strength is no longer guaranteed.

In accordance with the material properties, bamboo is lighter than wood. Therefore, wooden staircase heavier than bamboo ladder. This should be considered when buying the stairs, especially when he had to moveable. The longer the wooden stairs, heavier weight.

Now many are sold aluminum ladder. In addition to lighter, more secure power, clean, and no wood or bamboo powder. In addition, aluminum ladder easily stored. The ladder is 6 meters in length can be stored in a way bent / folded, so easy to put into storage space.

Indeed these steps can be placed outside the home. However, you need to keep careful outside the home, because the ladder can be a “transport medium” thief. When leaning against the wall outside the house, the stairs will “help” thieves climbed onto the roof. Ideally, the ladder is stored outside the house with a laid horizontally on the wall approximately 1 m above the ground and locked on two sides.

Using Safe
Often accidents occur when people use the stairs. Before using a ladder, make sure the ladder is safe and appropriate for use. We reach something, the steps are at least a three-step again from the point to be reached.

This condition allows the user has a secure handle to work in the field of waist-to chest. If you reach a point lower than the waist or over the chest, this will result in faster user fatigue.

Make sure the ground or floor beneath the stairs in a tough situation, so that the foot of the stairs is not sinking. To the ground or a hard floor, should be the base of a ladder that did not move down the stairs at dipijak. These pads can be wrapped in a rubber sheet at the foot of the stairs.

For the soft ground, thick board needs to be placed on the ground as a pedestal stairs. The function of this board is to flatten the existing burden on the stairs and forward it to the ground. In order to ease the burden on the land received, then the surface of the foot of the stairs “enlarged” by the board.

Less still High?
Sometimes climb the stairs were too short to reach something on the ceiling high. This problem can be overcome with the help of another ladder and board. The first ladder is placed on one side and a second ladder placed on the other side of the lower. Then, in between the two steps are laid out “bridge” of wood (called a trestle). Thick wooden planks at least 38 mm, because if too thin, there will be lendutan that makes the user does not work with safe and comfortable.

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