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Tips to Avoid Leak in The Roof

metal_roof_that_looks_like_tile_largeThere are a few things that must be considered in making the roof to avoid leaks during the rainy season. Seneca Creek Home Improvement suggests these tips and tricks:

* Note the angle of the roof. This is important because with the proper slope will allow water to flow downward. Generally the slope of the roof in Indonesia 30 ° -40 °. But for some cases, there is a roof with a slope of ramps.

* Minimize the connection. Roof with minimal connection can be to reduce leakage. If there are meeting points between the roof material, then make sure that the meeting point of the meeting and there is not any hole. Cleft may cause leaks in the roof.

* Choose a quality roof materials. There are many roof-forming materials. PVC, clay, bitumen, metal is in between. Of all of the roof material, which is not easy to select cracks, resistance to heat or wind. One again, a good roof is easy to install, and did not leave a gap.

* Minimize the use of gutters. Gutters also is an element of potential roof leaks. Either because the system is not good connector or because of material damage with age. There are minimal amount of gutter, the minimum is also the potential for leaks.

* Use a leak-paint coating (water proofing). Can be applied to prevent water seeping through the pores of the roof material or small cracks found on the connection point.

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