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Sitting Position Determine Sofa Placement

110925pSitting up straight or leaning casually affect placement in a room couch. Consider this right, to sit more comfortably.

Many things need to be considered in arranging the room. Sofa placement was not random. Apparently sitting position and your habits affect its location in the room.

Traditionally styled sofa form the letter “L”. Structuring such average is applied to the family room or the lounge room. The problem in the room like that, usually people busied themselves with various entertainment. Either by watching television, listening to music, or reading. There are rare discussions that are important or official.

In the living room, people tend to sit in a relaxed position. His back with a low body position and slightly sunk into the couch. Normally aligned foot forward.

Sitting position like that affect the determination of the distance between the couch and coffee table. Therefore, place the coffee table with a distance of approximately 50 cm from the couch. Thus, the space between them enough to stretch my legs.

Unlike the case with the arrangement of a sofa in the living-room is more formal. Like the living room, den, or office lobby. In rooms like this, usually people sit with the official attitude.

More upright body position, automatic foot in an upright position. The distance required for such a sitting position, approximately 40 cm. Sofa layout should not in any position “L”, but face to face. Thus people who were talking to each other

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