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Natural Design With Green Roof

2301141pCarport can be designed together with the park. Vines provide beautiful atmosphere in the facade of the house.

Carport design should not part from the concept of home architecture. One option that can be done is to make the design as if a part of the surrounding park.

An example of this is the carport, which uses the framework of the roof of the white-painted iron. Designed without a lining, the roof was impressive natural; fit with the overall impression of the home country. Shade during the day, a little wet in the rain. Selected frame with curved design. Curve peaks reached 2.7 m from the floor. As the shade is a Passiflora vine red type.

Natural roof structure is supported by three pillars supporting the right side. Each pole was given additional iron rod as propagation toward the roof. On the left side, riding on the roof of the porch columns and a single pole. This pole was right behind the fence columns.

Carport side of the tub is surrounded by a planted sepatuphilum. Coated planter natural stone to blend with the floor looks carport.

Floor carport designed simple enough, a stone is not polished. The result is rough on the feet. The center of the carport, which is not a tire track, made deeper and filled with coral. Floors are made crooked about 5cm from the driveway in front of him.

Size limited can be change carport with appropriate selection of the fence. White fence, minimal details of the selected iron boxes of dimension 1.5 cmx1, 5cm. Part of the gate only 100cm tall with each 140cm wide door. Gate 115cm tall concrete columns on both sides. Looks unsightly, isn’t it?

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