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Furniture on Living Room

ruang keluargaPlacement light-colored sofa and patterned crowded, can be a major focus in a room. However, the suitability of design, color, and motif sofa worth considering.

Every person must have the impression when entering a room. Usually when in there, the view will be on an object or a group of contrasts. For example, fixed on a contrasting color accessories.

Or, on a group of furniture that stand out in the space. In the world of interior layout, the things that stand out in a room also known as the focal point, also known as the focus of interest.

Build a room actually focus tricky. The focus of space can be more easily made by placing an element that contrasts with the background. For example, placing a light-colored sofa sets in a space that dominant white color.

The focus of a room can actually be placed in any corner of a room. Of course, that the focus of this space can be enjoyed by everyone who come into the room, the focus of this room should be placed on the first area seen as one enters into the room.

For example, see the family room on the photo above. The wall space in the photograph and white color dominant presence. If it is empty, this space would not have the focus of attention. The existence of the following sets of furniture accessories in the room can change it.

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