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Devices “Compulsory” ‘for Apartment Type Studio

122552pFor a single person, live alone apart from old people’s homes to start their own lives in the new house, practically is a new chapter. Although only lived in apartments with studios, which is important now you can freely create the most comfortable atmosphere based on character and your lifestyle.

For interior design, there are some things that must be observed. But do not forget to create a comfortable atmosphere in the room. One thing that is important enough to be considering a studio type apartment is not too large, is minimizing the use of furniture to give the impression of a field in the room.

The first thing that can be done and the easiest and most inexpensive way to change the mood is to change the color of wall paint. Choose your color carefully, and the impression you want to highlight to match your personality. If the selected paint color steady, fill the room with various objects that “must” exist, such as:

1. Sofa or chair
Choose a good quality for durability and a simple form, considering the room that is not too large.

2. Table lamp
Besides decorating accents can be a nice room, table lamps lighting the room will help.

3. Curtain
Do not ever underestimate the selection screen for this one thing has an important role in interior harmony.

4. Decorative box
Provide a variety of beautiful decorative box to store magazine, newspapers, CD, VCD, DVD or even a small knick-knacks to make it look neat.

5. Shelves
This one object must exist because in addition to storing your books in order, it could also be a display of framed photographs or souvenirs from foreign collections.

Nothing wrong if you put one more piece of furniture such as a barrier partition between the public space private area your clan.

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