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Want to Build Earthquake Resistant Houses? Take advantage of Bamboo!

1030438pUtilization of bamboo as a major component of housing construction in earthquake-prone areas think it’s time, given the durability of the earthquake.

As stated in the discussion “Standards and Oversight Earthquake Resistant Buildings”, in Jakarta, Monday (14 / 9). Discussion was attended by a number of experts and practitioners of architecture. Among the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Danang Tarumanagara Priatmodjo, Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Architects (IAI) Subijono Endy, Professor of the Department of Architecture, University of Indonesia Gunawan Tjahyono, and businessman Arifin Panigoro.

Subijono Endy argues, this time at least 200,000 people are victims of the earthquake in West Java wait certainty residence, after their homes damaged by the earthquake on 2 September 2009. With the number of regions in Indonesia are prone to earthquakes and natural disasters, the need for earthquake-resistant homes is urgent.

Earthquake-resistant buildings should take advantage of local materials in the area that has been used by generations for centuries. Businessman Arifin Panigoro argued, there is a tendency some people want a house construction materials and concrete bricks.

However, limited financial condition caused the quality of buildings made of bricks often have low quality, thus prone to collapse during the earthquake. Therefore, the condition of the earthquake trauma is the momentum to drive the architecture of the city in accordance with local wisdom.

Exemplified, in Japan, the walls of buildings and residential use layers of paper and bamboo as main materials. According to Gunawan Tjahyono, local wisdom is spread over a number of areas need to be recorded, studied, and disseminated in order to become one of the reference point for people in earthquake-prone areas in building a more secure shelter.

Even so, no doubt local materials have a high price due to raw material supplies slightly. Other constraints, carpenter or construction worker who understands the structure of traditional buildings is increasingly scarce. “It takes a strategy to overcome the use of local materials,” Gunawan said.

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