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Shower Soap Dish

shower-soap-dishRemodeling your shower? Why not have a corner shower soap dish installed in the process? A shower soap dish is a great way to help keep your shampoos and conditioner bottles organized.

There are many choices available on the market today when it comes to soap dishes. Countersunk shower niches are a step or two beyond that of an ordinary shower soap dish. Shower niches are great because of the fact that they are flush with the tile surface of your shower, not taking up any extra room.

Pre made foam shower niches can be installed easily during a bathroom remodel and are worth every penny. They are water proof and strong. They install between studs in your shower wall and are allready the correct depth for easy mounting.

These shower inserts in your shower enclosure are not only functional, but give your shower a unique look and ability to store large amounts of bottles and shower accessories easily. If you are purchasing a fiberglass shower surround, a recessed niche mostly like will not work for you. In most cases a shower niche will need to be installed in a tile shower.

It is important to remember when installing a shower niche that it will not hold water. Using a level, ensure that the niche will allow water to flow off of its shelves and into the tub. A shower soap dish is a great shower upgrade, whether it is an over the shower head hanging soap basket, or a detailed totally custom recessed soap dish niche.

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