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Bathroom Remodeling Tricks (1)

072517pLets, make bathrooms more comfortable for relaxing after exhausting activity.

Whole body aching with sweat profusely are common after a day of activities. Places most convenient flight is usually the bathroom, where you can refresh the body and mind.

Cleanliness of the bathroom so it’s important to note, because it is the cleanliness of the inhabitants of bookmarks. Imagine, if your bathroom away from feeling comfortable because of the dirty, musty, full of rust, and slippery. It was beautiful, right?

In fact, giving a new touch to the bathroom (or, if necessary to change) really easy. Just follow these tricks

Clear & Check
No matter if the bathroom in the house owned by a wet bath or dry bath, for the first time must be addressed is the circulation of air.

And if possible, get in the sun either directly or not.  If two elements are optimal, the bathroom would be more hygienic and not stuffy.

What also must be considered is the condition of old pipes are there, especially if it had been using hot water. Solely to avoid leakage when the renovation is due to age or old pipes.

Now, the pipe system in most homes today use a pipe made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for cold water, because of strong and durable.  If it had used an iron pipe, but it could be better replaced with a made from PVC.

Sort Select Floors
Who would want to slip in the bathroom? Certainly no one was willing, right? Well, to avoid such incidents, replace the floor that is used with a coarse texture.

But not to make your feet hurt.  One character is not a shiny surface. If the bathroom is not too large, adjust the layout of the floor with elongated pattern.

One of the most popular tile in the bathroom is ceramic. The problem, easy to install, easy to clean, not easily damaged, and water resistant. Homeowners also have more choice, because ceramics are available in various colors, shapes, and patterns. Another option is more practical and less expensive are vinyl and laminate.

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