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Slip on Bathroom ? Not Again!

0938052pSlippery floor in the bathroom often  get the victim. Maybe you’re among those who had slipped in the bathroom.  How to let the bathroom safe?

If the “accident” like slipping in the bathroom, often occur at home, means you have to check the bathroom floor. Perhaps the floor is too slippery as a result of select material.

Many people often want to get stuck with a interesting view, when choosing ceramic floor, but put aside the security factor.

The first thing to consider when choosing bathroom tile is a type of surface. Ceramic wall and floor has a different surface.

Ceramic wall tiles are not the same as the floor. Ceramic wall usually has a more smooth surface and shiny. As for ceramic floors, it is advisable to choose a rough surface.

Rough surface will make ceramic fixed abrasive, though many get wet. So, we do not easily slip.

If it happens to the bathroom in the house including the bathroom to dry, can also use the carpet. One material is more absorbing water, so that the feet are always dry. But demanding better treatment, do not forget to clean it with a vacuum cleaner periodically.

If you do not want to close the entire surface of the floor with the carpet was no problem. But you still have to provide mats, to dry the feet. Place the mat on areas that are often wet, like the shower area, sink and toilet.

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