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Artificial Grass Green Makes Fresh Your Eyes

greenI’ll not bother caring, just planting artificial grass, it will make fresh in our eyes. Grass can be grown inside or outside the room.

Take a look at the park in this photo. At first glance, you would not believe that green grass is not real grass. This park is using artificial grass. Type and material similar to that used on the grass fields futsal.

This park architect, Sucandra HW, from EN-Gedi, saying that although artificial, grass green is not less than the original. Another advantage of using artificial grass, he continued, is practical and easy to clean. To clean the dried leaves are falling, just use a broom fibers, or a broom used in the house. Use a little water to wash away the stain of land or other dirt.

“In addition to grass, the park also became more easy to maintain. No need to cut the grass on a regular basis and no weeds. Artifsial Grass is not muddy, especially after it rains,” said Sucandra.

Artificial grass can not be directly mounted on the ground. Sucandra explain, to put it, the land must first coated with cement. After the cement dried, then mounted the grass. Artificial grass are usually shaped like a sheet of carpet. To “planted” needed glue and bolts. Glue to glue the middle of the grass. The bolts to glue the edges and corners of grass. Do not forget, make the water drain (floor drain) on the cement floor before it was closed grass yes.

There are advantages, there are also shortcomings. Artificial grass, maximum use of just two years. After that, the replacement must be done. To buy it, you can contact the supplier artificial grass. However, advisable to contact an expert installations. Interested?

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