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Detail “Country” Elegant Kitchen

dapurModern does not have to appear sterile and completely geometric. A little country-style ornaments can form a more elegant appearance.

L model kitchen in black and white color is merged with the dining room. White domination chosen because it’s suitable for country style. In addition to hygienic and clean look, use white color to make the limited kitchen space look larger.

The uniqueness of country style look at some elements of the kitchen, such as details of ornamentation on the rack, glass cabinet, until the grid pattern of the door frame, and the model Vitrage.

Position located kitchen in one corner of the dining room, was fitted using a model kitchen set L. Addition of a closed cabinet and glass cabinet, kitchen set that also has a bottle storage shelf within easy reach. Spice racks and shelves selected using the lattice-profile detail.

Glass cabinet on the kitchen set is used to display Tableware collection. These collections of lighted lamps look pretty small light down. Glass is used on cabinet doors were bevel cross motifs. Shelf inside the cabinet using 5mm thick glass. Cabinet looks transparent and appear unique to the cross-shaded motif.

Floor space quasi-tan-colored kitchen with ceramic wall aligned desk color matching. Brown color of the floor and walls eliminates cold impression that arise from white domination. In order not monotonous, selected a desk made from absolute black granite is up to date

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