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Tips For Setting Your Bedroom

kasurEven if your bedroom is not so wide, you can still set it up to be beautiful. Ideally sized bedrooms large enough. Thus, the very private nature can provide real privacy with a high level of comfort.

Bedrooms can accommodate large beds that can sleep comfortably, could fit in the closet so no need to exit the room if you want to change clothes, can accommodate dresser so he could dress up in your room, can also accommodate a small table (nightstand) so they can put a lamp or books.

With the vast size, so the bedroom can have a wide opening. The air in the bedroom will always be replaced by fresh air from outside. Room occupants become healthier and not as susceptible to allergic diseases caused by dust that languished in the room.

But if the “broad” is a word that you may not apply to your bedroom, you do not need to be discouraged. In limited, you can still make it beautiful.

ksr2No windows, make the door
A healthy bedroom is a room that has enough windows. Every morning, the windows should be opened for air circulation in the room become fluent, but when the bedroom is in a difficult position, in the sense that the wall area to the outside is a smaller field, how do I make a big window?

The idea is applied in this bedroom might be an inspiration. It was not placed on the window overlooking the garden wall, but the sliding door made of glass. Not the registration window, but almost as wide as one of the walls. That way, the air traffic during the day is not half-hearted multitude. Rooms will always be fresh.

However, please note, for these designs, the park also must be maintained properly so that the bedroom is not filled mosquitoes.

Small bedside table sag
I think something is missing when the left and right side of the beds when there is no small table or bedside table.  Apart from feeling crippled, the nightstand itself does have a unique function, namely to put a reading lamp, put out a book to read, or put anything that makes us not have to get out of bed.

Usually, the size was small bedside table, approximately 60 x 60 cm. For large bedroom with a limited, nightstand can be made smaller, could be just 40 x 40 cm. No problem, it is important to carry out their functions properly. Little room for manipulating by the bedside table, you can make it as if hanging or hung on the bed alias created without legs. Low position will make it more “unseen”.

Small table tucked away
The presence of the dresser in the bedroom, no less important to the bedside, especially if the room is occupied by women. Dressing table need not be large. The important thing is you can make up yourself sufficiently and make sure you have a good look before you get out of the bedroom or even out of the house.

Not easy to find the gaps in the room to put the dresser. If after searching still not met, try this way. Put a little closet to the front (not attached to the rear wall of the bedroom). Thus, the recess is formed between the wall of a room with a closet. Hang the board with a floating position in this niche. Then formed the table.

There is a benefit of this position. Usually we are somewhat difficult to maintain the neatness of dressing table, especially if you’re in a hurry to leave. Well, if the position “hide” this way, the table neat dresser who will not be less immediately apparent from the mouth of the room.

You want to put decorative space? Sure. Small room no means should always appear smooth. But to juggle so not too loud, use objects from the material that is transparent glass.

The bed against the wall
It is more comfortable if the bed is placed in the middle of the room. So we can get out of bed to the left or right, it’s up to us. Cleaning business under the bed is so much easier if the bed was in the middle.

However, in the case of a narrow space, there is nothing wrong if we let go of the bed is placed against the wall. Even better if his own bed has drawers that can replace the small closet in the room.

If the position made the bed against the wall, then we can put a table across the bed. Leave space between two objects to the window. No matter how small your room, you must still provide space for windows.

Small wall hanging on the wall of the narrow
As a requirement, some people putting ornaments on the walls of the bed. Typically, the selected decoration is a painting or photograph on the owner of a large room. However, little room may feel cramped by the presence of the decorations.

If you prefer to maintain a small impression of your room, try to use a wall decoration, too small. Small wall hanging that will make the field visible wall itself wider.

Is it possible you are not happy with the little ornament? You can give “decoration” is much larger, namely, by attaching a wallpaper on a plane wall. That way, the walls were decorated without being seen increasingly narrow.

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