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The Modern Stage House

153139pThis is the basic concept of houses on stilts. Here, the main activities on the top floor.

In the past, the ancestors made a raised structure for several reasons-such as avoiding wild animals and to prevent moisture (especially in aqueous environments). At the modern stage’s house St., architect and owner of this house, you can see how the concept of traditional houses on stilts translated into modern buildings.

Before entering the living room / family, there is an open terrace and beautiful (on the floor above).

Spaces in the floor above is the living room / family, dining room, bedrooms, and bathroom. Ground floor space used for service, garage, child’s room, and dining room.  It’s different from traditional home-cooking that is done on the floor above, it set the kitchen on the bottom for safety reasons, so there should be no fire in the attic.

153201pConstruction Stage
Construction stage is the cultural heritage in making the building of the ancestors.  Look at traditional houses in Sumatra, Kalimantan or Sulawesi, the average of houses on stilts. Construction of the “lifted up” like this requires the use of lightweight structures. Saint choose hollow steel columns and beams as the main with a maximum of 5 m spans and welded connection.

The best is actually a connection with bolts, but here it just welded.  Connections with bolts made of construction is not rigid, so when an earthquake happens, the building will not collapse, but follow the direction of movement. As for the roof, use a steel roof structure overlaid with kalsiboard.

Earth quake resistance structure is also found in the structure below.  It’s uses foundation base / local from reinforced concrete in each column.  No need sloof because it does not use a brick wall so that the building is not a heavy burden.

The top floor is not entirely in the shoulder, just below the terrace, bathroom, and the AC. Most of the structure of the upper floor using wooden beams is 60 cm and 2 cm coated multiplex

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