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The Alternative for Your Dining Table

151739pLimited space is a barrier when you want to put the dinner table. One solution to solve the laying of the table is to create a table of concrete materials that blend with the kitchen wall.

Common problems that occur in a small house with limited space placement of furniture, such as a table for dinner. Selection table becomes limited because only a few specific sizes and shapes that can be placed in the home.

If you get bored with the shape of the table-that’s all it can try to make the dining table made of plate made of reinforced concrete.

As Table Permanent
Table of the concrete material is made into the wall in the kitchen of one side directly adjacent to the kitchen. Because this table is united and not moveable so this table is permanent.

Strength of this table is the support found on the wall that separates the kitchen and dining room. Structure table rested on the wall only on one side, while the other side is not supported. Plate structures are commonly known as table with cantilever structure. Thus, it appears that this table as if flying for just one side.

Although only supported on one side, this table can still support the weight on it because its main strength is on the table plates that are attached to a wall support. Therefore, no need to worry about plate table will be sagged, except on the surface of the table plate which were given excessive weight and treated normally.

Table of this concrete plate surface can be covered by other materials, such as ceramic, marble, or granite. However, this election should be noticed that the weight of the material itself. Do not let the material so that the lid is too heavy load supported by a plate table becomes excessive and can result in the table collapsed. Thus, it is advisable to use the cover of the ceramic material.

When will use other materials that cover still permitted, but the dimensions of the structure must be considered again. Marble example. With marble weights tend to be more severe than ceramic, the consequence is the size of the table should also be thicker.

Similarly planted in the wall must also be safe if you get a load on it. Besides it enlarged dimensions, dimensions must be enlarged hold back. If not, the structure will experience crack and this is very dangerous for those around it.

Making Structure
If interested in making this table, the table size can be adjusted with the living space and needs. The important thing is to consider the power structure. The most determining whether or not there is a measure of the deflection plate itself sectional plate (plate thickness). Determination of thick plate depends from the load factors that work on it and deflections that will occur.

To plate the table, recommended measures have spans from the point of 60 cm length adjusted to the size of the remaining space. While safe plate thickness with a width of 60 cm span is about 10 cm.

Because it is a reinforced concrete structure, the dimension of Steel that is used must be considered also. With dimensions of 60 cm wide and spans the thickness of 10 cm, diameter of steel used is 9 mm.

Reinforcement steel woven spaced about 10 cm and mounted on the printing plate before the table has been installed first. Reinforcement must be installed into the wall. The trick is to make crooked plate by 90 degrees and attached to the supporting wall. After that level the concrete surface of the plate.

To print, use wooden planks and hanging on the wood supported using size 4 / 6. This buffer timber used as a temporary power when the concrete has not dried up. After about 28 days, the mold can be removed. And then given a surface layer of ceramic or other materials.

At the time of making license plate, make sure the surface of the table plate exactly flat and no slope. Therefore, when installing a concrete mold plates in order to use waterpass flat surface. If the surface is flat so when used to eat the food on the table will feel comfortable.

Plus minus concrete table
Having more power than the wooden table.
The surface can be given a variety of materials, ranging from ceramics to granite.
With a variety of materials as a coating, a strong surface to heat and cold, and easy to clean when there is a stain.

This table can not be moved.
Size penampangnya very limited. If made more widely so that large expenses required for the concrete-forming material is also expensive, such as cement, sand, and Steel.

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