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Cleaning Stain on Tile With Star Fruits

092602pStar fruit vegetables commonly used as a mixture of herbs it can also be used as a cleaner. Sour fruit that is able to clean the stain on the tile, tub and even the materials of plastic or glass.

Usually in the form of dirt stains food scraps, grease, or dust thickened. High acidic wulu from starfruit can eliminate those stains.

Not hard to get starfruit wulu. In the market, many are sold with starfruit prices around $0.1 per bag (10-20 fruit content). Every two starfruit wulu able to clean ceramic measuring 20cm x 20cm. How do I do?

Step by step:
1. Peel the body wulu starfruit, then rub into the surface of the tile evenly. Let stand for 10 minutes to acidic work.

2. Clean wearing plastic-brush vertically or horizontally – until the stain lifted. For tile grout, use a toothbrush. If necessary, add soap to the brush to give optimum results.

3. Wipe with a cloth – dry or wet. Do it slowly and slightly compressed. Ceramic floors were clean again.

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