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How to build safety house?

homeWe often hear the stories about accidents in the house.  Starting from falling off a ladder, slipping in the bathroom, or even plunged into the swimming pool. All were caused by one thing, designing a house that does not consider the safety and security aspects.

According to Ir. Johny (architect of Paris link home), in the house there are several accident-prone areas, such as stairs, bathrooms, and the windowsill. These three critical points need to be carefully designed. If you have a baby or small child, dangerous point will multiply. Supplement, among other outlets, cooking area, swimming pool and bathtub. Some ways to make critical points into safe, you can see in the discussion below.

-Dimensions Appliances
There are formulas that are often used by architects to calculate the dimensions (height and width) steps, ie 2R + 1G = 60-64 cm. R is the height of the steps and G is the width of the stairs.

If your ladder height (R) = 18 cm and width (G) = 27 cm so the formula is to obtain an amount of 63 cm, which is still in the comfort category. Or it could also be said, the ideal height of the stairs with a width of 15-18 cm 25-30 cm

The stairs are too high can lead to a steep staircase and dangerous to disregarded. Height is not the same between one step with the other steps are also not safe, because when a person up or down the stairs, he had a certain step. If the ladder change, the step can also change suddenly and he could fall.

-Dimensions Railing
Staircase railing is required if the number of steps more than 5. Ideal for high railing is 80-90 cm. Height will be adjusted to the height of the hands, so the hand can hold comfortably. This altitude also prevent children from climbing the stairs railing.

If the railing is made of planks of wood metal or vertical, also notice the distance. Keep the distance ranges 15-20 cm so that the child’s head can not pass. So as not to injure the hands, the top railings that serve as handles should be made blunt.

Steps should be made from materials that are not slippery, especially the steps outside and hit by rain splash.

Threshold window
This window is now wide-which is located just a few inches from the floor-were loved. In terms of health, this type of window is very good because it can enter the air in large quantities. However, if left unchecked its security, this window could be a risk because there is no wall to prevent people out through the window.

To replace the function can be used trellis wall. But many people who do not like bars because disturbing the appearance of the house. Now, instead of the trellis, you can use a railing (as railings stairs) is high only around 80-90 cm.

Split Level
Many people who made split-level house. This means that a single room with another room made with different heights. In some houses, the difference was not very big, only about 10-50 cm.

The difference is not too large it can make people unconscious, and often stumbled. To prevent this, you can give the difference to the end of the floor. For example by using different colors or ceramic can also use the border.

People often fall in the bathroom because the bathroom floor is always in contact with water and easily becomes slippery. Addition should be diligent in cleaning it, there are several things to notice.

-Choose the type of floor is not slippery. Also, do not choose a floor color black. Choose the lighter so if you can get dirty looks, and we are reminded to immediately clean it up.

-To have no stagnant water, the bathroom floor should be tilted about 20-30 to the sinkhole.

– If you’re a big bathroom, do not hesitate to make some drainage holes. Drain should be placed not too far from water points so that water does not puddle. The right place to put down the drain, among others near the bath, shower, toilet, and in the near the wastafel.

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