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5 Web Apps Every Home Remodeler Should Bookmark

home1The internet has made home remodeling easier than ever. You can find tutorials and how-tos available on many websites, and even get videos of how to perform your most needed projects. But, one of the coolest things the web has brought us in home improvement is applications. One of the biggest mistakes that home remodelers make is calculating project materials incorrectly.

Many of these applications help calculate materials required to complete the project. This makes it much easier to get your projects right the first time, rather than wasting extra time and money because you failed to calculate the project correctly. You can get lots of help from these quick and easy apps, so be sure to bookmark all of these sites for regular use at home. And, be sure to bookmark them on your web capable phone, too, so you’ll have them with you when you visit your local home improvement store.

1. Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer – This app is great for helping you decide on a paint palette. You can use sample photos for trying out colors, or even upload a photo of the room you’re planning to paint. You can save your projects and even calculate the amount of paint you need for the size of the room. This particular application has saved me a lot of money by preventing me from buying a paint color that looked great on a chip, but awful on whole wall. Just be certain to check the coloring and resolution on your monitor, as looking at the colors on the computer can skew them.

2. JM Home Square Footage Calculator – Want to know the square footage of a room? Simply enter the room’s dimensions and this calculator will do the work for you. This is handy for calculating paint needs.

3. Flooring Calculator – This calculator from Lowe’s Home Improvement will help you determine how much flooring you should buy for your home project. It will give you the measurements in square feet and square yards. Between these two measurements, you’ll have everything you need whether buying carpet, hardwood flooring or tile.

4. Mortgage Calculator – Determine your monthly mortgage payments and your amortization schedule quickly and easily with this calculator. This page also has an affordability calculator, so you can determine how much home you can afford before you begin shopping. You can save your down payment amount and interest rate for use over and over.

5. Wallpaper Calculator – This handy calculator will help you determine exactly how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need to complete your wallpapering project. This calculator is more accurate than many; because it has you enter doors and trim in addition to just room dimensions. It’s still an estimate, however, so keep that in mind when buying. It’s always best to buy a little more wallpaper than you need, so that you can ensure that you have enough and that it’s all off the same lot number. Buying wallpaper rolls with different lot numbers can cause you to have color variations.

Handy calculators like these can make buying for your home improvement projects much easier. By book marking the applications, you’ll have them at the ready whenever you need a little assistance in your home improvement project.

Mary E. Ward writes about how to get an online construction degree.

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