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Kitchen Design Based on Functions

1904029Determining design kitchen could not careless. Note first division of functions and variety of activities in the kitchen so the kitchen is comfortable to use.

The kitchen can be likened to the heart in a house. Various activities related to food processing, which is a source of energy and nutrients family, going on here. The above statement is one reason why the kitchen should be well designed.

Kitchen design process can not be arbitrary because it will affect activity in it. One need to know before designing a kitchen is the division’s activities in the kitchen. One of them is the division part of kitchen based on its function. This category divides into two kitchens, kitchen, wet and dry kitchen.

Wet kitchen is the kitchen area where cooking done. Starting from the washing process until the processing of food in the kitchen is wet.

Dry kitchen refers to the kitchen area used for short-paced activities. Like the food served at breakfast. Brewing a cup of tea or coffee, can also be done in the dry kitchen. Dry kitchen can be used as a family gathering areas, to just chat while enjoying the snack.

After learning of this part of kitchen, it’s time to plan where the kitchen. Kitchen planning should follow the rules of the triangle. This rule is based on three main functions of the kitchen, the storage, preparation, and processing.

Based on this rule, the distance between the refrigerator, stove and sink should be balanced. If the line drawn in between, should form a triangle. Ideally, an equilateral triangle.

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