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100Knobs and pulls for Green Kitchen like Cermaic knobs, clay and stone knobs.

TGK_1Environment has become a matter of concern today. Due to globalization, industrialization and privatization of course, the world’s environment is standing on the verge of deterioration.Since it is said that charity begins at home,one can protect the environment by making his kitchen environment friendly. so how about hand painted or cermaic cabinet hardware it is better than zinc or brass die cast bathroom or other decorative hardware.

The environment can be protected by having energy appliances which are efficient,by preparing green food,and by minimizing the use of soaps which carry chunk of harmful chemicals and toxicants which obviously harms the environment.You can plan or design your kitchen by using eco-friendly hardware like knobs,pulls etc. Ceramic hand painted knobs and pulls are considered as best for serving the above said purpose.By shopping for cabinet hardware that have finger holes or lips fro that matter , you can protect the environment as by this way you will not need a fancy iron decorative door hardware as knob or pull.

Tips for designing a green kitchen can be taken from “”Green Leaf Cabinetry””.Neil Kelly Cabinet Corporation will surely help you in your program as it is the most famous and the first envirnoment friendly cabinet maker.The corporation is based in Portland and is since 1966 and give a commitment of quality since the time of its parent organization.There are few styles which they provide for and these are Signature– traditional styling in different woods and finishes. Craftsman – inspired by both Craftsman as well as Arts and Crafts door hardware and cabinet hardare.

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