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Black Antique wood knob and old Brass handles for Kitchen that is eco-friendly designed cabinet hardware

Kitchen-KnobsIf you are opting for eco-friendly kitchen you are not only protecting envirnoment but indirectly it is you who is being protected.So,in this era it has become necessary for having a eco-friendly kitchen in fact it is your home in its entirety which needs to be eco-friendly even cabinet knobs that are made of woods like Teak, Cherry or Mohagony. Also if you can get recycle brass then brass handle can be a eco friendly cabinet hardware as well.

You can become eco-friendly by having efficient energy appliances,green food preparation and by using less soap as these soaps carry harmful chemicals and toxic substances which is bound to harm the environment.We can help you in designing a eco-friendly kitchen by finding some environment friendly  cabinet hardwares, switch plates ,tiles,pot racks.Ceramic and handpainted knobs or pulls which are made up of stone or earthy material are considered to be envirnoment friendly accessories for your kitchen. Such knobs can come from Baldwin hardware or antique door hardware dealers or Anne at Home or Atlas’s latest collection. Some may only carry decorative pieces like knobs and such and some may also have switch plates or decorative wall plates.

You can buy Iron cabinet hardware but they are not environment friendly.

If you have opted for drawers which have finger holes or cabinet door which have lips this will not need iron decorative pull or knobs.Green Leaf Cabinetry will surely help you in having a green design kitchen.The renowned manufacturer of envirnoment friendly kitchen cabinet is Neil Kelly Cabinet Co. which is based in Portland .It is the first envirnoment friendly cabinet maker.The accessories of this corporation guarantees quality ,it excels in the field of sustainability,envirnomental concerns before and during and even after installation Few styles which they make are Signature– traditional styling in different woods and finishes,Transitions – organic style, clean and simple, with Craftsman and Pacific Rim features etc.
More example are cabinet glass knobs, art glas knob and other glass cabinet hardware.

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