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The Important Things about Carpet

carpetNot only as a cushion or sweeteners floors, carpets can also create an atmosphere. Motifs and color choices play an important role in building the atmosphere of space.

Carpet in the room functions not only as a floor covering. Many other roles behind the main functions, such as the creator of the atmosphere in the room. Motif carpet can become the focal point (focal point) of the room, add accents, and the theme of the room.

Carpet was also functions as furniture pads, so it does not directly damage the surface of the floor. And, another function is able to make sense of comfort when we walk. Judging from the variety of functions, of the carpet should receive special attention in managing and maintaining them.

The style and size of the carpet should be adjusted to the size of the room. Do not choose a carpet patterned large and densely patterned to be placed in a small room, because it will make the room look small.

Before ordering or buying a carpet, make sure the size is adjusted with an area rug clan room furniture size, so that a proportional size. For example, if large-sized family room 4 mx 5 m, you can use the carpet with the size 160 cm x 240 cm. Before the new carpet was sent to the house, you should ask the store to clean the carpet or vacuuming the carpet.

After the carpet is sent to the house, should you have to consider the laying of the carpet. At the time of installing the carpet, especially for carpet that covers the entire room, try to ventilate really good, clan, if necessary, open the door all the windows clan.

Changing the position of the carpet in 2-3 months it is important to do. Because the carpet is exposed to direct sunlight from windows and doors, the color will fade quickly.

In addition to laying problems, how to maintain carpets must be noted because the hairs can be a nest carpet dust and fleas. Carpet cleaning should be routinely performed and this method can be classified into two types, light and heavy maintenance.

For light treatments done once a week is recommended. However, if in the neighborhood a lot of dust, carried out twice a week. Simple maintenance can use the vacuum cleaner to suck dust and to dust on the carpet.

Heavy treatment performed at least six months, your carpet with the laundry to be washed. You can also laundering at home with a special soap to carpet. After being washed and scrubbed, carpets must be dried in the sun to dry, and use a vacuum cleaner before being used again.

By managing and maintaining a regular basis, your carpet will stay looking neat and able to contribute to add accent your room

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