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White Domination in Apartment 62m2

0954448Predominantly white, ranging from furniture to wall, residential look clean and bright. Furniture was neatly arranged in the storage.

Feels comfortable and pleasant in this occupancy. Not only visually, but also the experience of space. If anything, the impression it could be felt in every corner of this house.

Shades of white domination applied ranging from furniture to the walls of the building, giving the impression that the interior light. Not only that, the white color also makes every element of proportional appear without “race” to be seen. The white color blends harmoniously with the furniture and building elements that shaped modern geometric design. Alloy that gives the impression of elegant design.

In the living room one love seat is maroon with a lower back wrapped in white cloth. A small coffee table and chairs that circle come with modern design. TV cabinet in the front area into the audio-video store. Wash of thick white felt in this room.

Adjacent to the living room is the dining room. A set of chairs and dining table with contemporary design elements into the interior space. Impression that the field placements achieved with an almost mirror cover the walls of the dining room.

“Showcase” other space visually comforting, is white pantry with back panel mosaic motif. Pantry i-line design has cabinets above and below which gives the maximum savings.

Convenience is not free space from small renovations done. Starting from moving the kitchen to the left corner, then make a partition wall in the bird family as a direct view of the barrier when the main door open.

Another renovation, is “open” bedroom overlooking the living room into the study. This step makes the family room and dining room has a view out to be. More than that, the sun can freely illuminates every corner of the room.

Experience a different space will be sought when entering the private area of the main bedroom and the child’s bedroom. Perform personal touch through a warm brown color. Color wallpaper that comes through that makes the atmosphere more relaxing.

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