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How to Make DROP Ceiling

09DROP Ceiling can make ceilings look more dynamic. In houses with minimalist design type, the drop Ceiling is made as a part of the structure of the house. This is intended to “hide” the curtain rail and vertical blinds, so that the view becomes more tidy room, and of course looks beautiful. The following guidelines can help you make the drop Ceiling.

Materials and Equipment:
* Hollow iron or mild steel channel C, gypsum, compound, screws, rod or wire.
* Light TL, cloth, saws, and paint the walls.

Work steps:
1. Determine the location of the drop Ceiling and the desired high level. Differences level sufficient height 20cm, with 10cm calculations for thick, and 10cm more to the light.

2. Create a main ceiling framework, a framework of hollow metal grid with 2cmx4cm. Stick the grid framework using screws, the wall, which formed the framework of the main ceiling.

3. Create the framework of the drop Ceiling grid framework, which is connected to the bottom of the main framework. Connecting a hollow steel 20cm long. Order size Ceiling smaller drop than the main framework.

4. Match the rod or wire hangers, which connect the ceiling grid framework, with the roof frame.

5. Prepare electrical installation in the ceiling area. Cable to make a neat light by placing it on a track that does not interfere with the framework. Better use the tube model for ease of installation.

6. Install gypsum on the ceiling. Simplify the connection between the compound. Rough side of the connection can be sanded smooth. After that, around the ceiling painted evenly.

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