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Change The Atmosphere of Your Bedroom

bedsIf you have long weekend or holidays, it is the best time to change the room setup at your home. The bedroom is a room that should be arranged so you can rest comfortable as possible.

Some of the accessories that make the atmosphere feel numb, you can replace with more flexible. it will enhance the harmonization.

First, put your bedspread with creamy striped bed covers. If the small room, choose one that has a vertical line. Arrange the beds and a small decorative pillow. Thus the contours of your beds to be seen more volume.

Change your bedroom painting with pastel colors that can be more natural to give the softness. Round table lamp can replace the hood of a box of black sheer fabric. Likewise, the reading light beams are replaced by curved metal lamp modern style.

Put reading light curve coupled with a couch, in order to reduce the habit of reading in beds. Purple color selection to the romantic sunlight balance coming from the window. Complete with a soft sheepskin rug to enhance the fabric of comfort on your wood floor.

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