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Attic, Can Be Used As Bedroom

164935pAs an element of the house which is located at the top, the most common roof exposed to the sun. No wonder this thing and then into heat. To prevent the entry of heat from the roof into the house, usually is used ceiling mounted horizontally, perpendicular to the wall. Because of generally tapering form of the roof onto the ceiling while the flat, there is space between the ceiling with a roof. This space is called the Attic.

It lies just below the roof makes the air in the Attic tend to heat. Especially in tropical countries are “flooding” the sun. Therefore this space is usually not enabled. In some types of roof, Attic usually contain horses roof structure. If enabled, at best used as a place to hang clothes.

In Western countries and Europe, Attic is often used as a functional space, for example, a child’s bedroom or den.  This time there is a tendency to do the same thing, even for the study, children playground, or the family room. To be able to take advantage of Attic as a functional space, a home must use the form gable-that do not use horses.

Advantages using Attic space, we can have a one-story house, but as if the two floors. Second floor ceilings are low on the sides, because the shape of the roof.

Well, at the time of this space-enabled, we have to outsmart such a way that is not how much space the heat. Air holes must be much, but the use of glass should be considered because the heat retentive. Air holes shaped jalousie / blinds may be an option

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