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Remodeling & Organize Your Child's Room

childroomStructuring the child’s room should be adjusted to the child’s age level. The problem, as their age, each children have needs and different interest.

Here are tips to organize a child’s room:

1. At this age, children are more attracted to bright colors, flashy and colorful. Choose blue, red or yellow colors instead of pastels. Find the curtain or sheet motif of interest with bright colors.

2. Room lights that are too light can be blinding baby, so avoid.

3. Do not stick a sticker on the inside of the crib, because the adhesive stickers are usually toxic. Tip stickers easily withdrawn and put into his mouth.

2 to 4 YEARS

1. Toddlers this age are actively moving, so the arrangement of rooms must also consider the security issues ‘traffic’ children in the room. Make sure there are no messy wires or an open socket.

2. Child’s bed should be made shorter. Or, attach a safety at the bedside so that children do not fall during sleep.

3. Stick the posters of interest, such as images of various kinds of animals or large alphabet flashy.

4. The window must have a trellis or lattice to anticipate the child to climb out the window.

5. All furniture should have a rounded tip. Try also to pull the drawer (knob) does not stand out.

5 to 12 YEARS
1. Children of school age should be included in the arrangement room, because at this age children are able to express her wishes.

2. Choose a theme arrangement according to figures who are liked children.

3. Desk and table lamps are also required, in addition to bed and wardrobe.

4. Avoid putting a computer or television in the child’s room, because you can not always control what kids watch or what is accessed on the computer. Familiarize children watch television and play computer in the living room or your den.

5. Make your closet or drawers under the bed for storing knick-knacks or books so that the room always looks tidy.

What also must be considered is the problem of cleanliness of rooms. Make sure also that good ventilation, so the room was not stuffy and always get a light and fresh air

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