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The Right Way to Drill

home-repair-toolsDrilling is not just make a hole. There is a great way to drill, so you will not get tired and the result would be better.

Do you want to make a hole? you certainly need a drill to help this work. At first glance, because there is a job aid drill to drill may be easy and trivial. However, once you do not be fooled by this presumption.

Drilling requires precision and the right way as you do. Each different media to be drilled, handling characteristics that require different drilling also for the process. For example, how to drill the walls or concrete walls will be different from the way wood or steel drilling.

This time, a tip of how to drill the wall, both for ordinary walls or concrete walls.

There are 6 things when drilling the wall.
1. Select a tool with a power drill that is recommended. Usually manufacturers already have a drill specifications in accordance with the medium. Drilling for the walls in general will have “extra” power when you use it. This power will make the drill is not only able to rotate the drill but also make a move like hitting. But for small diameter, you can use a drill that is not specific to the wall but the eye of the drill must specifically for walls.

2. See the condition of surface to be drilled. Touch the surface of the wall first. Check whether the flat surface or not. To the point that we will drill, we should have a flat surface and no small stones embedded in the stucco wall.

3. In order to correct drilling point, the point should be marked first with stationery or a nail.

4. The position of the drill should be perpendicular to the point to be drilled.

5. Notice the way up when the drill. The best way when the drill is to stand with your left leg in front, while the right foot behind. In this way the drill is expected in more stable positions.

6. Notice also how to hold the drill. To drill with no handle on the front, you have to use both hands to hold. Right hand to hold the bottom of the drill and at the same time to press the power button drill. While the left hand to hold the top of the drill.

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