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Bathroom Lighting set

bathroom lightingCurrent lighting factors play an important role in the interior of the house. The atmosphere and theme of the room would be supported by a single element. With the proper lighting techniques, can deliver the desired atmosphere, such as luxury or warm.

Not merely living room, family, or dining room all you need to set the lighting, but, we can play with the lighting in the bathroom.

Yes, this one room that can transformed into an attractive place with interior and proper lighting. In addition to the main lamp to illuminate the overall bathroom, you can follow the general rules of indoor lighting techniques in general as follows:

“Task lighting”
As the name implies, task lighting (lighting local) is used to provide lighting in certain places that need more light. Examples are given of light near the mirror in the bathroom to assist the process of dressing.

One mistake that often occurs when installing the lights in the mirror is to put it just above the mirror. Intended to enlighten, precisely the conditions that occur even cause shadows on the face of difficult to see the face properly.

For that, install lights on the left and right of the mirror with a distance of 36-40 inches can provide the proper light on the face. Both lights on the side of the mirror is also a great way to illuminate the bathroom and give effect to the bathroom look more spacious.

“Accent lighting”
This type of lighting is more present information on a particular point and a warm impression in the bathroom. For example to illuminate the statue ornaments or plants on the side of the bath tub that can add convenience when you’re soaking in it.

There are several factors which should be noted also like, adjust the lights with dominance warns in your bathroom. In general, the light used for decoration are yellow warns.

Then note the intensity of light used, especially for task and accent lighting should not be too bright or dark as they may damage the element of art. For ease of set the brightness of the light dark, you can use this type of light dimmer switch.

Finally, is the safety factor. Given the placement of the lights in the bathroom the wettest places in the house, arrangements should be done with electric balk to avoid the possibility of electricity problems.

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