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Other elements regarding Fengsui

roomBelieve it or not, fengsui can bring balance and harmony in the house. Ranging from furniture to wall color, giving the influence of the movement of energy in your home.

In short, have an influence in fengsui energize or stability in your home.

The element color is the dominant influence fengsui. These color elements have been covered in earlier writings. Here’s a support element fengsui others.

Very good lighting for the house is natural light. Placement points of light that can either enhance or cooling a room. Bright lights make the atmosphere into space filled with movement and activity.

To give the impression calm to a room, enter the Yin energy into the house. Yin energy will create an atmosphere of calm and peace. The best way to play with the lighting is to use a dimmer (light-dark control lights). This method allows you to set the desired atmosphere.

Often this is overlooked in fengsui. Every day we come into contact with a lot of things but we can not really feel what we touch. Well, take a day to feel all that. Enjoy the warmth of the sofa or the sense of peace from the table.

Feel the sensation of the pillow, clothing, food, and notice how you feel. The warmth of a glass makes you feel relaxed. Conversely, the cold drink you will trigger the move to fill your day.

Painting / Art Objects
What the art collection of yourself? If you want the existence of a “bond” the good, the overall look of the object and found “message” what is given.

Fragrance or aroma play an important and easy to bring into the house. Lemon scent makes the house seem to be full of light and air, while the smell of a basket of potatoes will make your house feel otherwise. Just a little scent from one part of the house, will affect the overall composition of the energy from the house.

Inevitably, we become accustomed to the smell of our house. Walk into the house with eyes closed after traveling several hours to really feel your home through the senses of smell. What does it matter to you? You can change the scent of the house and the existing level of energy by using oil or some scented candles. Been argued, for example, lavender-scented candles fire to bring harmony back into the house.

Living Things
Pets, plants, and flowers can increase the energy in the house. If you do not like gardening and not good at caring for animals, just put a bunch of flowers in beautiful vases, place it on the coffee table or dining room and feel the sensation.

Energy is always spinning around us. Often we forget how important the air and what its impact on us. A full house will be memorable smoke heavy and tiring. While a house with outside air that flows well, will make the atmosphere is fresh and fun. Open the window a second house just to get fresh air.

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