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First consideration before buying a house

buying houseIt is very nice to have a home, but often we have to think a thousand times to buy it. There are fears if they can not pay the mortgage. The bank have some special requirements that must be met on some condition. But it’s good to prepare more mature than you can not pay for mortgage. To overcome these fears you need a strategy.

1. Motivation. To get a house / dream apartment, you must specify as the target time, the percentage of qualifying income and the price of the house / apartment. Set as realistic as possible, be honest with your financial abilities. Do not let the intention of this investment makes you sick because it was too frugal to the point of reducing portions.

2. Pay off all debts. Before you apply for credit, finish your debts, especially credit cards. Do not underestimate the interest on your credit card debt because the interest rate charged is usually quite high (an average of about 3-3,5% per month).

3. Control of savings. If you do not have the intention to save money, forget about your dreams. In addition the bank or the developer will usually require that your paycheck or checking account to qualify whether the verification process credit requests. So if you are self-employed workers, better routinely saving all your income into the bank so that the financial records you can see it clearly.

4. Do not take another installment. For all the total payments that you want to take, better not more than 1 / 3 of income. If your total debt is more than that, it’s better ignore first intention. In the meantime you can increase the first number in the savings or find other revenue sources.

Well, starting now calculated your income and immediately realize your dream to own a house.

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