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How to decorate bathroom

bathroom decorThe bathroom is an area that is not too often exposed. But there’s nothing wrong, if we look at the interior in it. Nothing else, so that activity in the bathroom can take place more comfortable.

The bathroom is an important part of the house. It is an absolutely must have room in every house because the activities of the day begins in the bathroom?

Technically, the requirements that met by the bathroom as one of the very personal room is health / hygiene, safety, and comfort. But there’s nothing wrong, outside the three main requirements are added factor of beauty / aesthetics. Because of the attention the interior, activity in the bathroom are expected to walk more comfortably.

To get the ideal bathroom, it doesn’t have to a super-luxury equipment. Simple devices and have adequate natural creativity arrangement if it is supported by good interior. So what can be done to beautify the appearance of the bathroom? Here are some options that can be done.

1. Wallpaper border
If bathroom walls are not entirely covered by tiles, don’t worry. This fact opens the opportunity to use a decorative wallpaper border.

Choose a motif wallpaper border and in accordance with the paint color or bathroom tiles. Then, install this wallpaper border around the top of the wall adjacent to the ceiling. Besides beautifying, this trick can make a small bathroom more impressive in relief, because people brought pandagan eye upward to create the illusion as if the room airy impression. Before applying this trick, make sure there is good ventilation in the bathroom.

2. Lis and ceramics inserto
If you are planning to cover the entire wall with ceramic bathroom, do not forget writing and inserto. Both are types of ceramics that serves to increase the beauty of the bathroom.

Inserto randomly placed between the composition of ceramic wall coverings. While the writing is usually installed in the bathroom around the room, the half-wall height.

3. Stickers ceramic
If the tiles have been installed throughout the bathroom walls, creations can still be created through the “lis inserto or false”. Way, buy tile stickers are available in supermarkets such as building materials or a 10 Partners Ace Hardware.

This sticker advantages compared to the original ceramic inserto is, if she felt tired, no need to remove all the tiles. Simply remove the stickers and replace with new stickers you want.

4. Cart
Use baskets of wood, bamboo, or rattan for storing toiletries. Rolled towel, bath soap stack, and the composition of the basket of shampoo bottles can be an attractive accent in the bathroom. In addition, if the goods are stored neatly, the room will feel relieved and more comfortable.

5. Fragrances
Perfumery is very effective for improving mood. At present, the perfume-can be potpouri, aromatic candles or essential oils, can easily be obtained in supermarkets at a price not too expensive. Give ‘fragrant touch “in the bathroom, shower event shall be more fun.

6. Flowers
If you did not bother to change, plastic flowers can be used for “will never wither”. But remember, that the plastic flowers over time could become a den of dust, if lazy cleaned.

Another alternative, use fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are fragrant beauty can also add a bathroom. Unsightly addition, the presence of the flowers can also help to banish the smell was pleasant in the bathroom.

7. Potted plants
Besides flowers, potted plants can also try to present. Choose plants that do not require full sun, so do not have too much trouble maintaining them. In order to grow well, place in a corner of the affected (either directly or indirectly) in the sun.

8. Themed trinkets
Trinkets themed toiletries can be used to liven up the bathroom appearance. Currently, the supermarkets have sold 1 set of bathroom accessories with affordable price. If the bathroom neutral color, the knick-knacks bath with a contrasting color choices can be an interesting accent.

9. Sink cupboard
If the sink was in the bathroom, try to make a small cupboard at the bottom. Besides working to hide the sink pipes that are less sweet appearance, this cabinet can also be used as a store of goods such as bath soap and shampoo.

10. Mirror
Place the mirror on one side of the bathroom wall. In addition to the mirror, this trick can give the impression to the bathroom area is small.

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