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Alternative storage in the bathroom

Bathroom_storageBathroom-especially small-sized requires efficient storage for toiletries.

Although not a common space to visited by guest, the bathroom still has to look clean and neat, so we can use it. It is necessary storage of goods which are always in the bathroom. Here are some alternative storage can be applied in accordance with the shape and size of the bathroom.

1. Display shelf
The bathroom can be a place for displaying goods. With the design and placement of the right, the rack will make your bathroom look more beautiful. The wall above the toilet is often left blank, can be used to put a simple wooden shelf. Box-shaped rack without cover, will make the bathroom look more elegant. The inside of the rack can be used to put the items needed, such as tissue, soap, shampoo and other toiletries.

2. Small box at the corner
Sometimes drugs or treatments are not used every day should be kept in the bathroom. The corners of the bathroom so often left alone, can be used to put the storage box. This box should not be too large, simply adjusted goods needs to be saved. If the space available is sufficient, make a few more boxes that are used for each family member in order to drugs and treatments are not confused.

3. Adjust the room and the goods
A room will appear larger if the size and quantity of goods available, in accordance with the size of the room. If the small space available, do not put too much stuff. If only a few meters floor “extra”, choose furniture that is too small. Desk drawer or chest of drawers can be selected for efficiency and includes lots of stuff. Adjust the size of the drawer with the goods to be stored. It would be better if the drawer is made by way of order, because it can be adapted to the size of the available places.

4. Maximize Walls
Walls are often not glance to be an alternative space that can be utilized. A blank wall can be used to place the goods at the time the floor is no longer able to contain it. High appropriate wall, can be made that extends storage upstairs. This place can be used to put soap, towels, and other toiletries. If the wall is not too much space, make a thin storage and high, so the rest of the space can still be used with a maximum.

5. Flexible Storage
Not a problem if you want to have a neat bathroom and comfortable, but the house is not occupied the house itself. Places that are not permanent storage can be a solution. Items that can be used for flexible storage of this example is a folding table, baskets, and plastic drawer. Certainly do not buy goods from, but remember the style and color desired. Solid-frontier that remains necessary despite meticulous things simple.

6. Corner Cupboard
Some of the bathroom door made not to close to the wall, so there remains room behind it. Space can be used, for example, to place a cabinet. Of course, the cabinet must be in accordance with the existing space, because if not it will make the door hampered and can not be opened up. These cabinets can be useful as a storage back-up towel.

7. Shelves Cart
Model that is suitable for a simple wardrobe and can make their own. Made from two shelves mounted on the wall using dinabol / fisher, then put the basket on the sidelines of these shelves. In an instant, had become a unique simple shelf. High-low, color, and the number of shelves can be adjusted with the desire and the space provided. Baskets that are used should be made of rattan, because the light that is not difficult time taking it.

8. Hidden cabinet
Between the toilet and a place to shower, there are usually restrictions in the form of a short wall. This short wall can be considered to be a hidden cabinet that can store various items. Materials can be selected according to the closet with a bathroom. Because of its location at the bottom, the cabinet is easier in direct contact with water. So, choose material that is not easily damaged by water.

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