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How to drilling the wood

drillWood is not hard as the wall. But it does not mean drilling in wood easier than drilling in the wall. There are a few tips, so that the wood drilling have good results.

As mentioned in last post, the main factors to consider when drilling is the type of media that will be drilled. Any medium that will drill, requires different handling characteristics.

In previous articles, we can get the explanation about tips to drill on the wall, either for ordinary walls or concrete walls. This time, will explain how to drill wood tip.

According to Johny Daniel (Paris link home project consultant), there are 9 things to note when drilling in wood.
1. Use a special drill bit for wood. Wood drill bit different than for the iron drill. Wood drill bit has a crack or a place that used to accommodate temporary sawdust drilling results. While on the drill steel does not have a gap. But if forced to use a metal drill bit for wood drilling, drilling can still be provided at the time of the drill to drill in and out so when exiting the drill can get the rest of sawdust.
2. Put options appropriate drill speed. If you will make a hole with a small diameter, use a high-speed drill. It is intended that the drill is not quickly broken. For high spin, velocity ranging from 2500 to 4000 rpm. While for large diameter hole, can choose medium speed with numbers below 1000 rpm.
3. In order to quickly drill is not broken then you should hand pressure when drilling not too hard, especially when using a small drill.
4. See types of wood (the exact level of strength and hardness of wood) to be drilled. This is related to the type of drill that will be used. For this type of teak wood, for example, are still allowed to use the drill steel.
5. If the board will be drilled with a large dimension and / or diameter of the hole, then the board should be placed under / ground for easier implementation.
6. In order to correct drilling point, then that point should be marked first.
7. The position of the drill should be perpendicular to the point to be drilled.
8. Note the way up when the drill. The best way when drilling is a position left leg in front, while the right foot behind. This position is expected to be more stable.
9. Notice also how to hold the drill. To drill with no handle on the front, both hands must be used to hold it. Right hand to hold the bottom of the drill and at the same time to press the power button drill. While the left hand to hold the top of the drill.

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