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How to connecting the wood safely

wood connectionIn the building construction elements that made from wood, there are connection between woods. To be safe enough then switching to use connection device, such as nails and bolts. How to use this connection tool?

Wood is limited in size, especially if it will be used for long spans with a variety of forms. For that wood needs to be dialed in order to function as desired. For example, a connection is made to order wood ceiling.

Wood connections in the ceiling will receive the heavy load. Therefore, in order to secure the permanent connection should be made carefully and correctly. There are several ways of joining and woods connection are as follows.

1. Splicing with Bolt and Plate
If the bolts will be used, then choose the diameter bolts with the right to the wood so it does not break when bolted. The number of bolts that used must be calculated based on the power structure that will burden the connection. In addition, the dimensions of the wood itself must also be considered.

Help plate can be used for installation of bolts. Here are some alternatives connecting bolts.
a. Bolts are used without using plat. Bolt can be placed in the corner of the end of the wood connection. Laying the wood must be overwritten with each other at each end.

b. Bolt with T-shaped plate T plate placed on the surface of the wood. Laying the wood does not overwrite each other but perpendicular. Connection strength is greater than the other connections.

c. Bolt the plate L-shaped plate is placed beside the woods. Connection strength is weaker when loaded structures larger than above, because the power connections only from the sides of wood.

2. Switching with nail
The uses of nails to connect the wood is very common. Besides it”s quite safe, the process is also easy to connect. In practice, the length of the nail should be tailored to the dimensions of the wood. In general, use a nail with a length of at least twice the thickness of the wood that you connect.

There are several ways connecting wood with nails:
a. Side nails, woods which is connected become to form the letter T. The connection is strengthened by placing a wooden nail on the left and right side of the wood.

b. Top nails, this connection is stronger than the hammer a nail in the left and right side. In addition, it’s easy to install.

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