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Guidance for limited space at your home

limited spaceIn a small house, living room with small space, can be combine with the dining room and kitchen. The purpose is to make the room look more spacious. But then the problems arise. The wall that bordering with the neighboring wall is long and boring. The room is only a flat box, without the high-low floor. To solve this, the long wall can be paint with a yellow color of turmeric, which is older than the other walls. The result, the wall that is empty before, looks fresher.

Sofa with opposite color
In the living room can be added mix color with the sofa. Two different sofa colors (red and white) placed there. To unite the two, on the white couch cushions placed red.

In addition, the existing furniture in the house is merged with the wall. For example in the bedroom; TV shelf across the bed is made together with the dresser. Beside the bed can also found nightstand that made multilevel cantilever. To “unify” the nightstand with the bed, using a kind of plywood.

Display racks is using the background to looks different. This kind of thing applies in the rack at home, starting from the living room, master bedroom to the child’s bedroom.

Children Room Size
Children room with a very well designed. Because the child wants to do all the activities in it, made the room quite spacious. To obtain a wide bed in a limited area, inevitably must be made-storey house. And on the ground floor just made one room.

Furniture is unusual; starting from the cabinet, rack, and bed. In fact, on the wall beside the bed can use bearing so that the child can lean there when reading or playing. Your child will feel more comfort at home.

Author : Home Improvement & DIY

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