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Other natural materials to build houses

stock of woodNatural and pure materials for building is not a new thing, but has been used before the material is created for industrial products. These materials do not get many process when it’s created. This material is not damage to the nature, whether during the construction of the house and when this material will become obsolete and must be discarded. Straw is one of natural materials, here are some other natural elements.

Many people always using wood as a favorite choice because it’s bring many benefits. Although there are small stock of woods because of deforestation on a large scale, wood continues to be used properly because of the nature element. Artificial material that is claimed as a substitute for wood sometimes less environmentally friendly because it will not decompose in nature. Therefore, the timber should not be abandoned but the wood supply which must be added and saved the use of wood in such a way. Wood preservation technology also helps save the wood because it can stronger and durable. In addition, wood quality mediocre, with the preservation of this becomes feasible for building structures.

bamboo constructionBamboo can be used for various building elements. For the structure of the house, bamboo has many advantages proved. Fiber is tough and very good elastic in weight-bearing (both load press / pull, shear, and bending). In addition, bamboo can also be a material floor, walls, roof, and so forth. Compare with wood, bamboo can regenerate faster so do not wait too long to get a decent bamboo. Indonesia has a number of large species, but unfortunately it is not serious to developed.

Natural finishing
Finishing made of natural materials would be healthier for the occupants of the house. Another advantage, finishing can deliver a more natural atmosphere and also fit with current trends. Unfortunately today most of the finishing using chemicals, although there are some producers that started to reduce their use (for example, no longer used as a diluent solvent and non-toxic finish). In the past, people make their own finishing of materials in nature, such as clay, chalk, and others. Toraja people in making their home first need to shed a toddy (fermented coconut water) to make the color more “out” and durable.

Paint / Natural Dyes
Indonesia’s traditional buildings are usually quite lively colors. Paint or dye that use for the building is made from natural materials available in the neighborhood. This natural dye has no side effects for the occupants and the environment. Because they have not developed, then the color choices are still limited, such as black, red, white, yellow, and mix. Red and yellow color comes from clay, black from charcoal, white from the lime wedges. Papua people have similar process to get the liquid white slug.

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