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Set up dual function room

relax roomMaybe some people have Limit space in their house. It is actually not a big problem. Because of a room can make it possible to become double functions. So no need to grieve if your home does not have a lot of space. Or disappointed for not having a special room for guest room, watching television while relaxing with family and so on.

To arrange a limited space, you need a little skill. Especially if the space is not too big and has a double function. Suppose that a space is used for two activities: to receive guests and relax.

The first step is to determine appropriate color for the walls in the tile, for that select young color, like white, gray and broken white youth. Besides creating a widespread impression, it is also feel more comfortable.

The selection of furniture is also very supportive. Therefore, the only set of furniture really important. Like a set of chairs in bright colors such as gray, pink and cream. This chair cover device, can be plain or patterned small. Don’t forget to match with the size of the room furniture that fill the places.

Relaxed activities on the same space can be added to the impressive light furniture. As chair or cushion. In order to make the room much comfort, add several elements or decoration. Like pictures, plants placed in the corner or beside a sofa or other accessories. So that would be obtained overall comfortable and harmonious atmosphere.

Author: Home Project

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