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Tips for make shoe shelves

shoe shelvesShelves and drawers with a door shoe creations must make the children and other family members be discipline to put their shoes and sandals in the right place!

Storing shoes and sandals in the house is often a problem because the racks of shoes that is display in general stores in the form of an open shelf. Consequently shoes become dirty quickly because dust and untidy appearance.

What if you make a shoe rack with a door and drawers. Shoe rack is the form of cabinets and drawers lined to the side. To be easily drawn, each drawer is equipped with rails.

Each drawer consists of three flats. While each apartment can be charged at 2 pairs of shoes. Until one drawer can accommodate 6 pairs of shoes. How many drawers you wish to make, depending on the amount required. For example, if your family has a 24 shoe, you can simply create a cabinet with 4 drawers.

Drawer material can be made from plywood material (multiplex) with 15-18 millimeters thick. The size of cabinet is 100 x 60 x 85 cm. The rail for the drawer, you can use iron rails with a length of 55 cm rail. Now the shoe is no longer scattered, well preserved because it is stored neatly and correctly.

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