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Bright colors in the Living Room

living roomSimply Two Colors

In order to make the living room looks simple, it’s better not to apply a variety of colors. It’s only two color, like yellow with green, red with yellow or orange with yellow. Or a color gradation from light green to dark green, light blue with dark blue, and so forth.

It all depends on what you want to display on your living room. Because each color has a different impression. Good luck!

Bright colors splash

These are a few tips that can be used if they intend to change the appearance of a living room with bright colors:
1. See the first type of furniture in this room, if most of the wood, then the selected color with impressive natural, such as green and brown.

2. Living room area can also affect us in putting furniture / paint walls. In order not to seem more narrow, you should not use colors that are too dark as the accent, in addition to better choose the furniture that is bright / not with many carving and color.

3. Each color has a different impression, therefore you must know first, what impression you want to show in the living room.

4. Expand references to the living room (as well as other parts of the house) from magazines or books, as this could open the insights as well as ideas to get the right color for the living room.

5. Try to be more courageous in applying bright color, that appropriate with the concept of your home.

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