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Having good night's sleep on the perfect mattress

memory foam mattressA good nights sleep is essential in our current busy lives and ensures you wake feeling refreshed, re-charged, and in great shape to face the day ahead. If you don’t feel rejuvenated and energised when waking then maybe it’s time to consider the quality of sleep you are getting and addressing this by investing in a new bed and mattress.

The mattress world has been dominated over the last few years in both Europe and the USA by the availability of Tempur-pedic style memory foam mattresses available at prices more realistic for the majority of buyers than the Tempur mattress prices. This trend looks set to continue in Asia and elsewhere as the great benefit these mattresses can provide to either people with medical and bone / back problems and those that simply want a better bed and get a better quality of sleep become more widely known.

Commentators in the industry had earlier predicted this revolution as unsustainable due to the high cost of producing good quality high-density memory foam. Many retailers also assumed it was a passing fad, and disliked the added premium that resulted from adding memory foam to a standard mattress due to it affecting their bottom line – in the wrong direction.

Today there are a number of companies that have finely perfected techniques and managed to produce a memory foam mattress at a cost much lesser than an equivalent Tempur-pedic model. Moreover the internet sites selling these items are working to a volume model – undercutting traditional stores and happy to make only small margins, compensated by the high volumes of sales. One such example is the popular Ergoflex mattress. It is consistently seen at the top of customer satisfaction surveys and review websites and is rated as great value for the quality on offer. The groundswell of positive opinion for this memory foam mattress shouldn’t be ignored as it’s clearly loved by the thousands of owners that rate it so highly.

It looks like memory foam is certainly here to stay and is becoming more affordable for us all as the competition increases between suppliers. This can only be a good thing for shoppers, resulting in great quality mattresses becoming a real choice to the buyer with a mass-market average budget for a piece of furniture of this type.

In the US, it’s reported that memory foam is now being DEMANDED by teenagers that have felt the comfort from lying on their folks memory foam bed. It seems that teenagers are about to become a whole lot more expensive to keep, even if you didn’t previously think it was possible!

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