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15 important thing to design bedroom

bedroom designThere are 15 points that must be considered before designing a bedroom that suit to your needs and budget.

When we build or renovate a house, the room that is usually the main focus in planning is the bedroom. The reason is easily traced. The bedroom is a private room where we rest and often also for work and leisure. Some people even like to spend most of their time in this room.

As a private area, bedroom design is necessary and also become personal. Besides the standard functions of the bedroom, personal taste is also important however any design that requires personal limitations and considerations as guidelines in designing bedrooms is nice and comfortable.

If possible, begin the process of designing it from scratch. This will allow you to add or change the design sometime in the future, because the needs and theme you have set from the beginning.

To design a comfortable bedroom and in accordance with your personal details, you should note the following 15 things.

1. Style / design style. This will be the basis in developing the ideas in decorating, among others from the style of the neoclassical style, modern, minimalist and pop-retro or eclectic. Find the style you choose from the beginning.

2. Color themes. Favorite color is usually an option, especially in single rooms or teenagers. The selected color does not need one. To enrich the texture, the colors monochromatic or contrasting color accents can become alternative.

3. Lighting. Good natural lighting (sunlight), as well as a special artificial lighting can be calculated from the beginning. This lighting effect that will give soul on the interior.

4. Floor. After determining the concept and atmosphere, planning to move to the finishing materials. Start with determining the type of floor. For the warm atmosphere, bedrooms is usually put on the wooden floor (parquet). However, ceramic or granite tile also provides a wide variety of choices for style and color.

5. Walls. For the impression of luxury can use the wallpaper with a choice of colors, patterns and rich textures. Color theme you have set will affect this case.

6. Finishing furniture. This type of finishing options are also related to the theme and atmosphere you want. If you like the look of wood fibers, techniques or spray coating wood motif can be selected. To suggest a more modern and pop, paint for wooden furniture.

7. Type of event. Translate the rhythm of your everyday life into forms of activity would you do in this room. Of course, in accordance with existing spatial dimensions. After that, you can begin to record the needs of furniture.

8. The size of the furniture. When determining the bedroom furniture, do not rush to choose something just because you like it. Notice the size. Actually measuring your room and adjust the proportions of the furniture you need.

9. Circulation. Do not forget to calculate the space and activity space with the furniture in the room.

10. Socket and switch positions. Keep electrically powered objects are on the same side with the socket. If not possible, the wiring system Devise a neat and safely out of reach.

11. Decorative objects. Provide a place on the wall or in a corner of the room for displaying precious ornaments. Complete with a spot light.

12. Beautiful wallpaper. Decorative ornaments must not be a piece of artwork or a picture in a frame. One field wall with the wallpaper of beautiful eye-catching can be the element in your room decor.

13. Aperture. A healthy room was the room that has enough openings to allow air circulation and the supply of sunlight. This should be planned from the beginning of construction of houses.

14. Nontoxic material. Use a safe and nontoxic materials. Like for example, use a water-based paint. Besides being more secure, are also more environmentally friendly than solvent-based products.

15. Complete the Workshop. Coating material piece of furniture, when you used the spray technique, make sure the process is completed in the workshop and is completely dry when installed in your home.

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