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Bedroom design for beloved daughter

daughter roomAs usual, the pink color is often a choice for the daughter’s room. So does this child’s room. In accordance with the owner’s favorite, this rooms is created in the style of a princess.

Room area of 4.35 mx 2.5 m is filled with furniture-classical-style furniture, such as in the palace of a princess. Bedside tables and cupboards plus ornate arched pillared bed with headboard. Add sweet with the addition of a canopy and mosquito net.

Also featured a special room with a ceiling display. Ceiling of this room is decorated with your wallpaper image. In accordance with the overall theme rooms, themed wallpaper is also a princess theme. There is a picture palace and fairies there.

When you are notice, furniture in this room are rather large, as in the teen room. Though the owner of this room is still 3.5 years old. Placement of furniture-sized furniture is deliberately set up by their parents. So this room can be “long life”. So no need to frequently replace the furniture, at least until the owner’s little girl is a teenager’s room.

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