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Kitchen design in the limited space

modern kitchen designThis is the main function as a place to cook. But, with a more modern design and efficient space, the kitchen is no longer underestimated, otherwise it is at the heart of a dwelling.

If the kitchen is always placed in the rear areas, now in the middle or front area. Even the adjacent family room or living room. For residential land which has limited spaces and it does not allow for clean and dirty kitchen, the kitchen should be functional, and can accommodate all the needs in it. To save space, usually prepared breakfast table that integrates with the pantry so that the formal dining table is no longer necessary.

Selecting Materials

Viewed in terms of quality, there are various kinds of materials that affect the price of the kitchen. This is connected with the materials used, whether solid wood such as teak, meranti wood, etc. and / or processed wood, such as multiplex, blackboard or MDF (medium density fiberboard).

For solid wood, finishing could be chosen from the start polish, melamik, or duco. Wood also can be processed like solid wood finishing or using coatings such as HPL (High Pressure Laminate). For the top table there are many different options such as ceramic, granite, marble, or stainless steel. To be sure, choose a material that can withstand heat and water.

Design Alternatives

To design the kitchen in the limited space, there are several types have been selected, such as:

Single Line

Placing the cooking and washing area in one groove, so that there is only one kitchen cabinet lengthwise. This type of single line kitchen has a fresh and fashionable concept. In order to impress wide, use bright colors like lime green.

Double Line

Although the cabinet is placed opposite the kitchen, stove and sink positions should not face each other in the kitchen so that circulation is not disturbed. Instead, place in parallel, whereas the opposite cabinet can be used as a serving area or processing.

Letter U or L

First, there must be space that is large enough. Second, consider the circulation pattern in the kitchen itself (similar to type double line). To be not too stiff, the concept of L as shown above, use the mirror instead of ceramic on the bottom so that the cabinet is more spacious, then, set the lighting so that the atmosphere of the kitchen is warm and dramatic.

Lighting dramatic

Do not ignore the lighting points in the kitchen. Because, in addition to lighting, lighting adds a dramatic impression.

Fluorescent lights or down lights Pick the yellow and put in glass-door shelf, or under a hanging cabinet. This arrangement makes the top table (where the food processing) clearly visible and maximized.

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