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How to make a park and garden

home-gardenIn creating a garden, there are some things to consider in order to create a garden that looks beautiful and orderly. Here are some things to consider when you will create a park and garden.

Specify Theme Parks
Before determining the type of plants that will be purchased, you must determine the overall theme parks. The theme park can be selected with the theme parks such as Bali, Paris, Japan, tropical, minimalist or other themes.

The selected theme should be adjusted to the park area. If the area is not too large, you should choose a more simple themes, such themes are a little detail on the minimalist design. Once the theme is determined, you can choose the plants, flowers or other ornaments that supports with the theme of park.

Prepare for Installation of Parks and Land
At the beginning of a garden, do not forget to make the installation first. Installation and placement of the electricity and water must be considered to exist in a safe place and do not interfere with the activity while in the garden. Installation of electricity and water in particular need attention if you intend to create a pond with fountain.

That should not be left behind to prepare is preparing the land. As a growing media, which will be used as park land must be cleared of weeds or nuisance plants. Land is also need to fertile and nurtured so that plants can flourish.

Create Harmonization Plants
In order to look attractive, select various plants. Choose plants of different sizes, types, or colors so that the park is not monotonous. Color in plants can be obtained from the flower color or leaf color. However, it is important to keep attention to harmony gardens to look neat and attractive garden. Harmony of the garden will be created by determining which plants will be planted and position.

Plants are generally divided into high-sized tree, shrub or bush is lower, grasses and cover crops. Usually, the tree is placed in the back, followed by a clump of plants and planting grasses and cover crops on the front. Or to design a centralized park, trees placed in the middle, followed by plant shrubs and plants surrounding them lower the grass in the outer portion. Harmonization of plants important to the beauty and neatness of the garden.

Materials Selection Park
Park does not only consist of the plant. Gardens should also be supported by hard objects such as potted plants, ponds, rocks, sand, or other supporting object supporting section is referred to as hard scape that will give a deeper impression on the park. While the plant itself is called as soft scape.

You need to adjust any hard scape that will be used. It deals with garden design. You also can add a garden chair, swing or anything else to add comfort while in the garden. After determining the model of the park, the use soft scape and hard scape will be more easily determined.

Plant Selection
So that plants can grow well, have to be adapted to the circumstances and condition of park land itself. Is a place that will be affected plants will be much sun or not? Customize also with environmental conditions. Is your home located in areas with cool or hot? If the park will be a lot of sunlight, so plants can be selected against strong sunlight because if the plants do not match will cause the plant grow or die. Based on the condition of the park, you can determine what types of plants that will inhabit your garden.

To add to the beauty of the park, additional lighting at both parks become necessary. For example by installing a floodlight garden lamps garden or exploit a plant as its focus. The lights are very important at night, so at night you can still enjoy the beauty of your garden with a romantic atmosphere. In addition, the presence of garden lamps with various models would be a sweetener of your garden accessories.

The presence of the park can become very important especially in the midst of the global warming issue. Parks can help reduce air pollution, reduce heat and increase the supply of oxygen so you can enjoy the fresh air. If well maintained, you also will be see the beautiful scenery at home. Spending time in the park would be fun.

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