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Selling in a Recession

propertyLast year my mother became ill and it was obvious that she was going to need a lot of care and the idea of putting her in a care home was out of the question financially, so the decision was taken b y myself and my husband to sell the house and move back up to Bradford to be close enough to my mother for me to be able to look after her. It wasn’t something that any of us wanted to do, but the sort of thing that you do for family.

We thought that a house move would be simple, but we couldn’t have been more wrong. It turned out that our property was very difficult to sell in such a difficult market. The financial side of things was not the most critical to us, and we lowered our price significantly but still we had no buyer.

In the end I took matters into my own hands and found a company online who promised to be able to Sell property Fast. They were as good as their word. Within two weeks we had a buyer in place and a sale in progression. Before we know it, contracts were exchanged and we were planning our move back up north. I never thought that selling a house could be so difficult, but my work on the internet showed me that it isn’t difficult providing you have the right company acting on your behalf.S

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